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Enjoy, Relax and
Boost your flow
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Do you want to improve your poi spinning? Get personal help and tips to accelerate your learning? Learn how to combine flow arts with dance and acrobatics? Connect with other spinners, and have a great time together at amazing locations?

Attending a retreat is the best way to learn new tricks and techniques, a unique opportunity to get personal help with improving your spinning. Get inspired, learn loads of new tricks and techniques to work on, meet other spinners and have a great time!
You can choose between staying at an Italian island with an active volcano and learn poi from Vojta Stolbenko and Ronan McLoughlin, improve your poi & staff spinning together with Srikanta & Jen Barefoot or stay at a private Chateau in South France for a Poi & Staff retreat with Vojta and Kevin Aileri!
And what about learning from Nick Woolsey, in Canada or beautiful Costa Rica…A very hard choice… because all of the retreats are amazing!


Train and relax in a
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Luxurious Chateau
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We will have Chateau Montjoi as our private accommodation for the Poi Retreat 😀

Come, and experience the magic of this enchanting 18th century Chateau with us!

To make sure you can focus on training and relaxation during the poi retreat, we will take care of the rest!
A delicious continental breakfast, lunch with fresh salads from the garden, and a two-course Dinner are included, as well as coffee, tea, and juice.

There will be a pizza evening with homemade pizzas, baked in the ancient wood oven of the Chateau, and a BBQ!

When it’s time to relax after a great training, you can take a dive in the private pool, or play a game of billiards.

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Workshops every day
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Poi workshops by Vojta:
every day for 2 hours

+ time for individual questions
& Fire jams with fuel

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Good food included
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Delicious continental breakfast
Lunch with fresh salads
Two-course Dinner
Coffee, tea and juice

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Luxury bedrooms
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Beautiful, spacious bedrooms.
Have your private bathroom,
or share your bathroom with a maximum of 4 persons!
Who reserves first, chooses bedrooms first!

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Here is the video from Vojta’s last poi retreat

Stromboli poi retreat aftervideo 2016

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Do you want to learn to…

spin like this? 

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[gem_youtube video_id=”nq1LoZ4YoOY”]
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Discover chateau montjoi

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Reserve first, choose a bedroom first!

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