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Olivia Al-Kimiya (Pyrodanza) is a traveler, researcher of truth, and explorer of the inner- and outer- world; traveling the world and exploring the soul.
Olivia dedicates her life to dance. Dance as a metaphor for life; she’s embodying and expressing her path of growth into the archetype of the warrior.

Graduating from the American Academy of dramatic arts of NY, Olivia integrates Yoga, Contemporary Dance (Floorwork) Somatics, and basic acrobatics into the art of contact staff manipulation & balancing. She’s mixing the ingredients of advanced tricks mastering, dance, and interpretation.

Her focus is to develop a unique personal flow that transcends technique and focuses on dancing as one with the prop, harmonizing with gravity and mixing strength, grace, presence, and versatility.

Follow her workshops ‘Floorwork for Flow Artists’, and learn to integrate movements on the floor in your spinning routine (applicable to many props).
See the video in the middle, below here, for an example of her workshops!

sword, staff spinning, qi gong
tom hora
Tom is a Czech Full-Combat Fire-Artist who has studied with many different teachers across the globe to learn a whole range of combat techniques and meditative body work practices. He has a lot of experience as a teacher and is an amazing fire-performer, Tom cooperated with many artists and fire companies and he did more than one thousand performances!
Tom started with the Fire-Art in 2000 and he is fire-performer since 2002, he has founded the fireshow group PALITCHI in Prague with friends.
In 2005 he started to study traditional Indian fire art Banethi with his teacher in Varanasi (after this first visit he came every winter to study Banethi & Yoga and to perform in India for 6 years). Tom has been working as the Fire-Art teacher (long staff techniques and acrobacy) in Prague New Cirque Centre for 4 years (2012-2016). His artistic way was also influenced by Dance, Taiko Drumming, Capoeira and of course Chinese martial arts…:
– student of Shaolin kungfu since 2002
– student of Chen taiji and Qi gong since 2005
– member of Shaolin kungfu performance group (2008 – 2013)
– 2nd place winner of Czech national wu-shu competetion with long staff 2013
– kungfu teacher (for kinds and adults) since 2011
– studying in Wudang mountains in China – internal cultivation, Qi gong, Taiji and kungfu in 2015, 2016, 2018…for a total of 6 months
– since 2016 he is a student of Li shifu (abott and master in Five immortals temple and also good friend..;)
– Qi gong and Taiji teacher since 2016
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