Vojta STOLBENKO – gustavo ollitta – lucero ponce
Guateflow gatherting
March 10-20, Guatemala 2022


Escape the winter and have a fun and active holiday in a tropical paradise. Learn loads of new tricks and techniques, and have an amazing time together with other spinoholics. Taste the delicious food, for example the vegetarian and healthy kitchen of Eagles Nest with an absolutely Insta worthy view over the Atitlán lake.

This is the teacher line-up;
GUSTAVO OLLITTA Buugeng and a Handstand workshop
LUCERO PONCE Hoop, Silk Fans, and Tribal Fusion Dance
VOJTA STOLBENKO Poi and Double Staff
TOM HORA Qi Gong, Sword and Staff Spinning
LUKE O’CONNELL Yoga and Conditioning practices

The GuateFlow Gathering is suited for all levels of spinners. All the workshops will be open to all levels.

flow arts gathering
in tropical paradise

Imagine sipping on a fresh coconut, with the best view ever… of loads of beautiful people spinning and dancing, hahahaa! It was hard to find a training space with a more mesmerizing and iconic view, and more volcanos than on Stromboli, but I think we’ve succeeded! Without jokes, we’re super happy to to work together with the resorts Eagles Nest and Starry Mountain to facilitate all the workshops and events we’re planning for you.

In March, Guatamala will have it’s dry season. So probably there won’t be any rain, and day temperatures average between 75°F / 23°C and 83°F / 28°C. So that should be perfect as a winter escape, but not so hot we won’t be able to move. Our epic-view training space at Eagles Nest has a roof, so we’re out of the full sun, also the yoga shala at Starry Mountain provides shade.

This event is slightly different from our previous retreats, as it’s almost a little festival! Also, there’s more flexibility for you to choose different workshops, food, and accommodation. You can book a ticket for the full program with all food included, or you could follow some workshops for fewer days, and have accommodation elsewhere.

boost your skills

 – Over 7 hours of different workshops per day!
– Pick & choose based on your preferences


– Access to evening programs with many Performances and Dj’s on different locations
– Fire Jams, fuel will be provided

Time to

– Comfortable apartments with terrace, chill areas, and wonderful jungle views
– Go for a swim in the Atitlán lake
– Yoga and meditation every morning

book now, before the early bird ends…

a day at guateflow

Do you feel like starting the day in a conscious way for your mind and body? Join a Qi Gong session with Tom Hora overlooking the jungle, in a brand new Shala at Starry Mountain. Or go for a 1,5h yoga class at Eagles Nest with varying teachers.
After breakfast, the morning will be filled with Poi, Buugeng, and Staff spinning classes.
LUNCH you can choose to reserve your lunch every day at Eagles nest. Together we’ll enjoy a deliciously healthy and Vegetarian buffet.
Most afternoons will have a wide variety of workshops to choose from.
We’ll also explore the beautiful surroundings, with a hike up to a volcano, and a boat trip to a Full Moon Party at the other side of the lake.

SEE THE FULL SCHEDULE HERE This is the tentative schedule, there still might be some changes.

poi – flow freely

Learn Poi from Vojta Stolbenko. We won’t only focus on tricks, so even if you aren’t familiar with some Poi moves yet, you will still benefit from the body movement workshops, and you will be taught the moves you miss.

Choose your Level; Poi Beginners or Intermediate and above
Every day, there will be 2 blocks of 1,5 hours of Poi Classes. This assures the classes will be catered to your level, and you’ll benefit the most from all the workshops.

buugeng – key movements

Learn Buugeng from Gustavo Ollitta
In these workshops we’ll explore the different Manipulation Techniques. Get to know all of the beautiful patterns and dynamic geometries that can be created using S Staff or Buugeng.
The name Buugeng comes from the Japanese ‘Buu’ which is ‘optical illusion’ and ‘geng’ meaning ‘martial arts’.

This is a great opportunity for beginners to start the journey of buugeng, or for intermediate spinners to refine your moves. We’ll go into the concepts of 1 & 2 beats, finger-spins, liquid weave and much more!

For those who don’t yet have their own Buugeng, it’s possible to borrow Buugeng (for a small fee), or to buy a pair of Gustavo Ollitta.

hula hoop – dance & play

Learn Hoop Dance with Lucero Ponce
The Hula Hoop workshop combines the art of dance, meditation and a full body workout!
An inner journey to connect more with our body’s, as for being able to spin the hoop at almost every point, we need to build awareness, strength and coordination.
Being playful, just dancing and moving without judgement. Find the joy of of this active meditation and experience you can release tension through Hooping. We will explore our own style of dance with more organic ways to play.

There will be different exercises; first the warm up, some stretching, dance moves, and we will explore the different possibilities of manipulation and movement with the Hoop spinning around the body, and holding the Hoop.
The workshops are suited for beginners and intermediate Hoopers. Please bring your own hoop.

belly dance – sensuality & coordination

Belly Dance with Lucero Ponce

This powerful ancient dance tradition combines smooth, sensual, and waving movements with precise, rhythmic, and strong movements. Learn to develop coordination in different parts of the body to perform the staple technique of dissociated movements.

Of course, there’s a great focus on the pelvic and belly zone. This zone is the gravitation Center of the body and represents our primordial energetic area. Connect with your own femininity en sensuality through soft and gracious movements. Practising Belly Dance is a fun way to develop strength, flexibility and coordination!

The workshops are open to beginners and intermediate dancers.

silk fans – dance & expression

Learn Silk Fans from Lucero Ponce

In these workshops, you will learn the Silk Fans Fundamentals: basic wrist movements, flourishes, frames & turns. We will also create a choreography with all the different movements learned.

Come, practice, and experience the beauty of Silk Fans! ♥
For those who don’t yet have their own Silk Fans, it’s possible to borrow a pair, (for a small fee), or to buy a pair.

The workshops are great for beginners.

staff spinning – basics and beyond

Learn Staff Spinning from Tom Hora
The staff style of Tom Hora has a lot of elements from martial arts techniques, due to his extensive background in Shaolin kungfu and wu-shu. It’s fast and flashy, combined with some nice poses and pretty posture.

If you want to start with the basics of staff spinning, or want to learn some new moves, you’re at the right place. The focus will be on basic spinning directions and possibilities, as well on composing different walking patterns with switches and turns.

sword – technique and posture

Learn Sword from Tom Hora
Whether you’ve never tried sword before, or you’re already addicted, you should absolutely try the workshops of Tom Hora! We love sword so much because it’s a relatively simple prop to manipulate, but you can do so much with it, and of course it just looks really cool. You will learn a lot about body posture, and this knowledge you can also use for all other flow arts.
The workshops are easy to follow, you’ll learn different sequences of steps, turns and postures.

qi gong – meditative power moves

Qi Gong with Tom Hora
If you like to start your mornings in a conscious way for your body and mind, this is the workshop to do. Get in an optimal state for the coming day with a gorgeous view on the jungle valley at Starry Mountain.

If you don’t know what Qi Gong is exactly, I would describe it as combining standing yoga postures with conscious breathing. It’s a step up from Tai Chi in terms of the intensity of the movements, you’ll actually need to use your muscles also. And it’s a step down from Yoga in that you won’t get into ‘impossible’ postures and upside-down things.

vojta stolbenko

Vojta is a Czech poioneer who excels at combining tech tricks with dance and acrobatics. With a style and approach all his own, he has created some innovative new poi techniques.
Vojta has shared his poi enthusiasm all over the globe and has taught already more than a hundred workshops worldwide. In addition, he’s filmed many inspirational poi videos, including the world’s most watched poi video “The Future Is Now”. Check out Vojta’s videos and personal website to learn more about this talented Artist. Just click on the icons below.

sword, staff, dragon staff, qi gong
tom hora
Tom is a Czech Full-Combat Fire-Artist who has studied with many different teachers across the globe to learn a whole range of combat techniques and meditative body work practices. He has a lot of experience as a teacher and is an amazing fire-performer, Tom cooperated with many artists and fire companies and he did more than one thousand performances!
Tom started with the Fire-Art in 2000 and he is fire-performer since 2002, he has founded the fireshow group PALITCHI in Prague with friends.
In 2005 he started to study traditional Indian fire art Banethi with his teacher in Varanasi (after this first visit he came every winter to study Banethi & Yoga and to perform in India for 6 years). Tom has been working as the Fire-Art teacher (long staff techniques and acrobacy) in Prague New Cirque Centre for 4 years (2012-2016). His artistic way was also influenced by Dance, Taiko Drumming, Capoeira and of course Chinese martial arts…:
– student of Shaolin kungfu since 2002
– student of Chen taiji and Qi gong since 2005
– member of Shaolin kungfu performance group (2008 – 2013)
– 2nd place winner of Czech national wu-shu competetion with long staff 2013
– kungfu teacher (for kinds and adults) since 2011
– studying in Wudang mountains in China – internal cultivation, Qi gong, Taiji and kungfu in 2015, 2016, 2018…for a total of 6 months
– since 2016 he is a student of Li shifu (abott and master in Five immortals temple and also good friend..;)
– Qi gong and Taiji teacher since 2016
gustavo ollitta

Gustavo Ollitta is a Brazilian circus artist who excels with buugeng, poi, slack rope, and balance techniques.

Since 2007, he’s started his manipulation research, started to practice with poi, and straight after that discovered buugeng in 2009. In 2010 he released his first research of buugeng in a YouTube video called “Flow”. With this video, which reached more than 2.5mil viewers, he’s become one of the world’s most influential buugeng artists.

If you heard of buugeng, you probably also heard about Gustavo!

In 2011, Gustavo traveled to Italy to participate in the Contemporary Circus course of Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (2011-2013). Thanks to the knowledge gained in this school, Gustavo’s movement portfolio includes a lot of contemporary circus techniques, such as handstands, slack rope, and many performing and teaching techniques.

lucero ponce

Lucero Ponce is a Peruvian Flow Artist and a certified 200hr yoga teacher, specialized in Hula Hoop, bellydance, buugeng, and balance.

As someone who’s always been passionate about body expression, she started in 2010 taking classes of modern dance, belly dance and contemporary dance. In the same year, she got introduced to the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation.

In 2015 she started to develop flow arts techniques, starting with Hulahoop and combining her experience of body expression with other flow arts disciplines.

In 2018, after 7 years of Yoga practice, she got certified on 200H Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.

Gustavo and Lucero form the company Equilibra, A duo that has already performed and taught as solo and duo at TV shows, juggling and music festivals, retreats, conferences, and Galas in more than 25 countries around Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East, and South America!

Always bringing new concepts of Flowarts, circus and dance technique to the world!

Yoga, Conditioning, Meditation
Luke O’Connell

Discovering flow arts at a young age, Luke has taken his love for dance and movement into different realms over the years. Within his teachings he’s combining flexibility, strength conditioning and yoga, he has blended them all into one beautiful mix. Completing his yoga teacher training in 2017 Luke has taken his adventure from Australia to across the world, toured through Europe and the UK with performing and teaching.

“I really look forward to running yoga and meditation sessions within this retreat. I think with the combined knowledge I have acquired over the years, I will be able to bring a fun and beneficial experience to all. Catering towards flow artists and dancers I will explore different yoga techniques, dynamic/static stretching, flexibility and strength and conditioning for all levels”.

Have a look at

the awesome location!

pick & choose

your workshops

all workshops

– 7+ hours of different workshops per day!
Choose what to follow
– Workshops; Poi, Buugeng, Hoop, Sword, Staff, Double Staff, Silk Fans, Tribal Fusion Dance, Qi Gong and Yoga

poi & double staff

– 1,5 hours of Poi workshops per day by Vojta Stolbenko
– C
hoose your level; Beginner or Intermediate and above
– You can also follow the Double Staff classes from Vojta with this option

one teacher

– Choose one teacher, and follow all the workshops during the gathering of this teacher
– Gustavo; Buugeng and Dragon Dance
– Lucero; Hoop, Silk Fans, and Belly Dance
– Tom; Sword, Staff and Qi Gong

pick & choose

your accommodation

starry mountain

– Book your accommodation + workshop ticket through our website, super easy!
Prices vary from $ 25 to $ 65 p.p.p.n. for accommodation
– Free breakfast included
– Cool Eco-conscious Jungle Resort with friendly prices
– Morning workshops will be given at Starry Mountain

eagles nest

– Book your accommodation at the website of Eagles nest with a special discount code for GuateFlow attendants!
Prices vary from $ 75 to $ 102? p.p.p.n. for accommodation with amazing designs and panoramic view
– Three healthy, Vegetarian meals per day are included
– Most workshops will be given at Eagles Nest

other location

– Reserve your workshop ticket here
– Choose any other accommodation that suits you

pick & choose

your food

Lunch together

– With any workshop ticket, you can also book your lunches
– The lunch will be prepared at Eagles Nest, where most of the workshops will be given. Convenient and nice to eat together
– The lunch will be healthy and Vegetarian

eagles nest

– You can also order separate food and drinks in the Eagles Nest Cafe
People that have their accommodation at Eagles Nest have 3 meals per day included
– Most workshops will be given at Eagles Nest

other options

– People that stay at Starry Mountain can also use the shared kitchen to prepare food
– There are many Restaurants and Bars in the village of San Marcos within a 10 to 15-minute walk
– Picture from Samara’s Garden

this is what our past poi retreat

attendants say

details guateflow gathering

The location of Starry Mountain is; Barrio 2 San marcos la laguna, 07010, Guatemala

Most of the attendants will stay here. It’s less than a 10-minute walk to Eagles Nest, where most workshops will be given.

The location of Eagle’s Nest Atitlán is; Lake Atitlán, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Most of the workshops will be given here. It’s less than a 10-minute walk to Starry Mountain, where some workshops will be given, and many attendants will stay.

All classes are open to all levels.
POI: There will be two different workshops every day, for the different levels of Poi Spinners. Choose your level; Beginner or Intermediate and above
– Beginners classes from 9:00 to 11:00
– Classes for Intermediate and above from 11:00 to 13:00We won’t only focus on tricks, so even if you aren’t familiar with some poi moves yet, you will still benefit from the body movement workshops. And you will be taught the moves you miss.
Workshops will be held in a group and also individually (for some moves we might make small groups depending on the skill level and your interests). To benefit the most from this retreat, be sure to know the basic poi moves, such as: 3-beat weaves (forward & backward) windmill, watermill, hip-reels & turns, butterfly (same-time, split-time), buzzsaw.
If you can’t do some of the moves listed above, don’t worry! We will teach you that. However, if you want to be prepared, look up some tutorials (such as those on Playpoi.com – those are great!)

Prices range from 560 to 880 euro per person, for the full retreat. Accommodation, trips, and workshops are all included in the prices below. The difference in price is the room sharing option and the meal packages.

– Early Bird Retreat price per week, per person.
Sharing bedrooms with 4 persons: 560 euro
Sharing a bedroom with en-suite bathroom with 2 persons: 640 euro
Private bedroom with en-suite bathroom: 750 euro
– Lazy Bird prices after 22/05 are + 75 euro

– Early Bird Retreat price per week, per person with breakfast- and lunch package included.
Sharing bedrooms with 4 persons: 690 euro
Sharing a bedroom with en-suite bathroom with 2 persons: 770 euro
Private bedroom with en-suite bathroom: 880 euro
– Lazy Bird prices after 22/05 are + 75 euro

See all different room option at the tickets page;
Get your ticket now, before we’re fully booked!

Not sure if you should book the meal plan? We recommend that you do, as we have fantastic chefs (for those who know, they are Renzo and Salvo) who will be cooking amazing meals using the resources from their own garden! You won’t save money if you eat in a restaurant. We just give the option to book the retreat without the meal plan to those who are struggling financially and will prefer to cook lunch on their own. But, when you come home after all the workshops, you will appreciate the warm meal waiting for you at the table! as well as the breakfast straight after your yoga or taichi morning class.

To enter Guatemala, you must present a negative COVID -19 (PCR or antigen) test taken 72 hours before you travel, or proof of full vaccination, or evidence of having recovered from COVID-19.

Vaccination is mandatory with one of the following vaccines

No restrictions; there is no need to provide a negative PCR test or quarantine on arrival.

No restrictions; the Government of Costa Rica does not require tourists entering to present a negative COVID-19 test, nor quarantine upon arrival.

We will closely monitor the situation and provide you the newest up to date info. Also you’ll be added to a private GuateFlow Facebook group where we can all share info and travel tips. 

We will fully refund your deposit if government rules prevent you from travelling up to 1 month before the start of the event. If your home-country or Guatemala will go into lock-down again, we will refund your deposit. After one month before the start of the retreat we can’t make any refunds.

We advise you to take a travel insurance, that covers;
– Reimbursement of any pre-booked events or excursions
– Coronavirus cancellation cover
See an example here https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/quote

You can see this event on Facebook here https://fb.me/e/2b1VvhvCk

don’t miss out, book your room!

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