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workshops with vojta

7 Feb, 2023 New York, US

  • All levels (except complete beginners)
  • 3 hrs long
  • 7 to 10 pm

Address: The Liminal Space, 1080 Wyckoff Ave, New York, US

Ticket Price: $ 85 per person
Maximum 15 people

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Come to level up your poi! I’m coming down to New York City and Boston to share some of my poi knowledge gained during the 15 years that my life’s been spinning around those balls on strings. The workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced spinners (people that are familiar with the basic weaves and reels). The workshop will take 3hrs.

I’ll be sharing concepts of moves that I consider to be the most fun and beautiful, and that makes my poi style to be what it is. Showing links between different families of tricks, unlocking freedom of fluent transitions, getting deep into the most basic eights and reels, and how they evolve into more complicated body tracers, turns, and hybrids. We’ll also focus on beautifying each move and improving our body posture, to achieve cleanness and elegance in our movement. I’ll share my tossing techniques and explain some of the most “crazy” tosses that I do, and how to get them without too much effort. Lots of my moves are based on body movement, so get ready to move 😉

Each of the tricks and concepts will be adapted to your skill level and I’ll always demonstrate the easy and the more difficult variations. We’ll record all the recaps so you’ll go home with a lot of material to study later, and hopefully a portion of motivation as well! Please arrive a bit before the workshop so we can really start at 7 pm!

10 Feb, 2023 Boston

  • All levels (except complete beginners)
  • 3 hrs long
  • 7 to 10 pm

NEW ADDRESS: (not in the Dark Monk Workshop)
Readville physical therapy
1351 Hyde Park Ave, Boston
MA 02136, United States


Ticket Price: $ 85 per person
Maximum 10 people

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