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your accommodation

You can choose where you want to stay, Starry Mountain, Eagle’s Nest (the two venues where the retreat takes place), or any other place you would like!
On our website you can only buy the accommodation at Starry Mountain, and the Workhsop-Only ticket, which doesn’t include any accommodation.

See the photos of the rooms at Starry Mountain and Eagle’s Nest.
If you would like to stay somewhere else, have a look here for options.

Starry mountain
eagle’s nest
Price Workshop TicketIncluded in the total fee if you stay at Starry MountainAll the workshops given at Eagle’s Nest are included in the room fee
$ 350 extra for all the workshops at Starry Mountain (optional)
Minimum Price Accommodation p.p.n.$ 30$ 90
Maximum Price Accommodation p.p.n.$ 69$ 146


You can choose where you want to eat! We do offer a Lunch Package at Eagle’s Nest. Also, you can order food and drinks in the Eagle’s Nest Cafe and Restaurant. There are many Restaurants and Bars in the village of San Marcos within a 5 to 15-minute walk. So if you like to try out different places, there’s a lot to choose from!

Starry mountain
eagle’s nest
Food included with the roomBreakfast3 Meals per day
Lunch Package at Eagle’s Nest, full retreat$ 72 (60q / $ 8 per lunch including one drink)Included
Prepare your own foodShared kitchen availableSome rooms have a kitchen

how to book

your ticket

STARRY MOUNTAIN: Choose your room HERE


  • Go to the website
  • Select the period you want to book (GuateFlow dates; 9 – 19 March)
  • Choose your room, click on Book Now
  • Finish the booking process, so now you’ll have your booking number
  • Now you can buy the Eagle’s Nest Workshop-Only Ticket HERE
  • Done! Your reservation for the full Guateflow program is complete
  • You’ll find the Info PDF containing all information in the confirmation email you got from us
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