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June 12-17, italy 2021


Learn the signature moves of the legendary Ronan McLoughlin himself! The incredible invention of “contact poi” is attributed to this man. As seen on YouTube with his famous “Learning to learn” TED Talk.
And did you know that Mr. Ronan is also a Tai Chi guru? Well, now you do, but even better, you can also follow his lessons every morning to be grounded, and quiet your mind before it will get totally scrambled up again in the intensive Poi Boot-Camp.

With the classes of Mr. Poi Prof Stolbenko, you will go on a quest to find your Inner Ninja. You will learn how to get into the flow, so you can express yourself freely through movement with poi. Only by truly understanding the mechanics of poi, you can have the freedom to improvise…

And to prevent you from only laying on the beach and eating the real Italian Pizza and Artisanal Gelato for the rest of the time, we’ll also throw in some mediocre activities like; climbing one of the world’s most active volcano and having a tour around the island on our private boat.

Beware, this Poi Boot-Camp is only suited for people that really enjoy spinning things on strings! It does not matter if you just took the first step on the journey to finding your inner Ninja, or if you are a black belt, and belong to the antiques of the high poi society.

poi boot-camp
On an active Volcano

How it all started…
Not such a long time ago, in a land you probably know, there was a boy, that wanted to do nothing else than spin things all day long. He loved it so much, that he practiced all the time because he wanted to learn everything there is to know about this mysterious object called Poi.
One day he decided to make a video, and that’s when something incredible happened… He got over 1 million views on YouTube with his video “The future is Now” which is now the world’s most viewed poi video! He started traveling the world, and making more videos on beautiful places in nature, spinning his poi.
That’s when he decided one day to climb a real, active volcano for the first time in his life. He was totally overwhelmed by this mystical experience. The sight of the bubbling magma, the fiery explosions that made the ground vibrate and the smoke everywhere made it into an otherworldly experience… From that day on, he climbed many more active volcanoes around the world from Iceland to Africa.

That’s how it all got started, and now we invite you to have this extraordinary experience together. Come, to learn about the mysterious object called Poi and we’ll climb Stromboli together so you can see the enchanting magma flow with your own eyes…

a poi ninja

 – Pump your Poi skills with 3 hours of lessons per day
– time for individual questions & trick requests
– Get the recap videos of everything covered in the Boot-Camp

amazing Adventures

– Climb the volcano Stromboli to see the extraordinary magma flow with your own eyes…
– We’ll have our own boat to make a tour, and you can risk your life by jumping of some cliffs!

Time to

– Comfortable apartments with terrace and wonderful sea view
– Get a nice tan on the beach
and go for a swim
– Tai chi and yoga lessons every morning to ground, and de-stress

book now, before the early bird ends…

a day in the poi boot-camp

TAI CHI OR YOGA from 8:15 am to 9 am

Do you feel like easily starting the day? You have the choice to join tai chi- or yoga classes every morning.
Recalibrate your system and reintegrate mind, body, and energy to function at your full capacity. Join Ronan for Taichi and Qigong moving meditation every morning. Feel. Align. Release. Flow.
Gently wake up your body, align your body and mind by breathing consciously, and stretch.
The classes will be slow-pace and suited for every level, no prior experience is needed. Yoga mats will be provided!

POI CLASSES from 10 am to 1 pm
Classes are suited for both beginners and advanced spinners.
We won’t only focus on tricks, so even if you aren’t familiar with some poi moves yet, you will still benefit from the body movement workshops, and you will be taught the moves you miss. For intermediate to advanced spinners; for every exercise we do, you will get a more advanced version that suits your personal level.
Workshops will be held in a group and also individually (for some moves we might make small groups depending on the skill level and your interests).

LUNCH 1 pm A delicious warm meal will be prepared, you also have the option to arrange your own food

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES are planned for two days. We also want to leave enough time to relax, visit the village, and spin & chill together on the beach. If you want to learn another prop, like staff, double-staff of fans, we can give personal instruction or mini-workshops in the afternoon.

The daily poi classes

During the poi classes we will be focussing on:

– increasing our ability to learn fast by practicing coordination and hand independence
– beautifying moves that you already can do (also individually)
– incorporating our body into the motion
– transitions, explaining different poi concepts and branches of contemporary poi
– anti-spin based tech moves
– manipulations
– pirouettes, tracers, isolations
– contact poi (the innovator of contact poi will teach you contact poi – isn’t that awesome?
– tosses
– under the legs, jumps
– hyperloops
– wraps (spiral wraps, body wraps)
– stalls, transitions between all the moves
– advanced butterfly variations
– behind the back patterns
– optional: triple poi and meteor basics (from one-handed weaves to one-handed anti-spin patterns)
* note that we might not be able to do all of this, however if we lack enough time the classes will be adapted to the groups preferences
about the poi instructors

Rónan is a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of poi spinning and being the originator of contact poi, Ronan has been teaching and performing around the world for almost 20 years!


Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as Taichi and meditation alongside illusion-based dance, he has developed a unique style of movement and performance.

As Ronan explored these skills more deeply, he became fascinated with how we learn and how to learn more efficiently. Over the past years he has shared the ideas, experiences and techniques on learning that he has acquired through this process. He has spent over 15 years teaching and facilitating Poi and Learning-to-Learn workshops around the world and has given a TEDx talk on these topics.

Seeing the positive effects of these arts on all ages has inspired Ronan to continue to explore these arts and to share these amazing tools, techniques and skills far and wide.

Check out Ronans  website and social profiles to learn more about this amazing Artist. Just click on the icons below.

about the poi instructors
Vojta stolbenko

Mr. Poi Prof Stolbenko is a Czech poioneer who excels at combining tech tricks with dance and acrobatics. With a style and approach all his own, he has created innovative new poi techniques.
Vojta has shared his poi enthusiasm all over the globe and has taught already more than a hundred workshops worldwide. He’s filmed many inspirational poi videos, including the world’s most watched poi video “The Future Is Now”. In 2020 he also started a Patreon subscription for people to learn poi. Check out Vojta’s videos and personal website to learn more about this talented Artist. Just click on the icons below.

Have a look at

all the awesome stuff

this is what our poi retreat

attendants say

this is what

you will all get!

Poi boot-camp

-3 hours of poi workshops per day
-time for individual questions
-get all the video recaps from the workshops, to practice at home
-tai chi or yoga classes every morning

cozy apartments

-choose your room, based on your preferences
-all apartments have an own bathroom and kitchen
-all apartments have a terrace with wonderful view

the real Italian food

-breakfast, and a delicious warm lunch are optional to include every day
-every apartment has a kitchen, and there are also plenty of restaurants and supermarkets

awesome activities

-We’ll climb Stromboli, with our own tour-guide Renzo
-We’ll have a private boat to take a tour
-Fire spinning on the beach, fuel will be provided

details stromboli

The retreat is from 12/06 – 17/06/2021
The retreat dates are set to match the Napoli – Stromboli ferry schedule. The boat only goes 2x a week and it is the most convenient way to get to Stromboli. The one we recommend leaves Napoli at 8pm on Friday 11th June and arrives at Stromboli at 6am on Saturday 12th. To go back you can take the boat leaving at 22:00 Thursday 17th of June, arriving at Napoli at 8am the next day (18th).
Click here to see more detailed info about how to get to Stromboli

Classes are ideal for both beginners and advanced spinners. We won’t only focus on tricks, so even if you aren’t familiar with some poi moves yet, you will still benefit from the body movement workshops. And you will be taught the moves you miss.
Workshops will be held in a group and also individually (for some moves we might make small groups depending on the skill level and your interests). To benefit the most from this retreat, be sure to know the basic poi moves, such as: 3-beat weaves (forward & backward) windmill, watermill, hip-reels & turns, butterfly (same-time, split-time), buzzsaw.
If you can’t do some of the moves listed above, don’t worry! We will teach you that. However, if you want to be prepared, look up some tutorials (such as those on – those are great!)

Prices range from 560 to 880 euro per person, for the full retreat. Accommodation, trips, and workshops are all included in the prices below. The difference in price is the room sharing option and the meal packages.

– Early Bird Retreat price per week, per person.
Sharing bedrooms with 4 persons: 560 euro
Sharing a bedroom with en-suite bathroom with 2 persons: 640 euro
Private bedroom with en-suite bathroom: 750 euro
– Lazy Bird prices after 22/05 are + 75 euro

– Early Bird Retreat price per week, per person with breakfast- and lunch package included.
Sharing bedrooms with 4 persons: 690 euro
Sharing a bedroom with en-suite bathroom with 2 persons: 770 euro
Private bedroom with en-suite bathroom: 880 euro
– Lazy Bird prices after 22/05 are + 75 euro

See all different room option at the tickets page;
Get your ticket now, before we’re fully booked!

Not sure if you should book the meal plan? We recommend that you do, as we have fantastic chefs (for those who know, they are Renzo and Salvo) who will be cooking amazing meals using the resources from their own garden! You won’t save money if you eat in a restaurant. We just give the option to book the retreat without the meal plan to those who are struggling financially and will prefer to cook lunch on their own. But, when you come home after all the workshops, you will appreciate the warm meal waiting for you at the table! as well as the breakfast straight after your yoga or taichi morning class.

You can see this event on Facebook here


We will fully refund your deposit if government rules prevent you from traveling, so paying the deposit is risk free! If your home-country or Italy will go into lock-down again, or if you should quarantine on return, we will refund your deposit.

It is now possible to enter Italy from the countries of the European Union and the Shengen Area, as well as from Great Britain and Israel, with a negative swab test, without compulsory quarantine. Travellers are still required to produce on arrival the certificate for a negative molecular or antigen swab test, taken in the 48 hours prior to arrival in Italy.

You can look at this official website of the Italian government.

Antigen tests are often free in most of countries, for its citizens. On the way back from Italy, depending on your country’s rules, you might need to get an antigen test again. On all the airports of Rome and Napoli there are testing facilities at the airport, providing results in max. 15 min for max. fee 22€ (or less, depending on your nationality). If you may need a PCR test, rapid PCR tests are also available at all airports, for about 60€.

We will closely monitor the situation and provide you the newest up to date info. Since your registration, we’ll be in touch with you 24/7 and you will also be added to a pre-retreat Facebook group where we can all share info and travel tips. 

We have a new accommodation 🙂 It’s built in a Mediterranean style, and very cozy. You can choose your preferred bedroom, private or shared. You can give your preference for sharing a room with someone of the same, or another gender.

All apartments have their own bathroom and kitchen! So it’s really convenient to make yourself a coffee sandwich in the morning.

The retreat dates are set to match the Napoli – Stromboli ferry schedule. The boat only goes 2x a week and it is the most convenient way to get to Stromboli.
The one we recommend leaves Napoli at 8pm on Friday 11th of June and arrives at Stromboli at 6am on Saturday the 12th of June. To go back you can take the boat leaving at 22pm Thursday 17th of June, arriving to Napoli at 8am the next day (Friday 18th).
You don’t have to book your ticket in advance, you can buy it at the port, the price is around € 45 one way. (The boat is so big, the pedestrian tickets can’t be sold out and in fact, it is cheaper to buy it at the counter than online)
If you go by ferry, after arrival in early morning and watching the incredible sunrise, we will take you to your room, where a delicious welcome breakfast will be served. Then you can rest and we will assemble in the afternoon for a briefing and group dinner.
There are other boats to Stromboli as well: plenty hydrofoils connect Stromboli with Sicily – Milazzo (there are about 5 connections per day) and Messina. The boat company is These hydrofoils also stop at the other Aeolian islands, that are really worth visiting!
More high-speed boat connections can be found here: Travel to the Aeolian Islands, for example from Napoli to Stromboli.
We will be happy to assist you with finding the best way to get to the island. Let us know if you need a help with putting your itinerary together!

If you can’t find a good flight to Napoli, you can fly to Rome. This is what most of us usually do, as there are more flights to Rome than to Napoli.

From Rome: from both Rome airports (Fiumicino, Ciampino) there are direct buses to Napoli, which can be booked here:

There are also trains connecting Rome with Napoli – plenty of connection possibilities, from cheap train that takes about 2 hours and costs €11, to high speed train which only takes some 50 min, but costs more. To check & book trains:

From Napoli you can take the ferry.

If you need a help with your itinerary, let us know! We are experienced in this!

Click here to see more detailed info about how to get to Stromboli

don’t miss out, book your room!

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