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Bali, march 2020

THE PRICES BELOW ARE FOR THE WORKSHOPS ONLY. This is for people who live in Bali, and do only want to attend the workshops, without anything else included. 

Staff workshops

  • March 15-20, 2020
  • Teachers: Srikanta & Jen Barefoot
  • 6 days
  • 3 hours of poi workshops per day
  • 30 min of warmup per day
  • 30 min of stretching/yoga/cooling down per day

Poi workshops

  • March 23-28 , 2020
  • Teachers: Vojta Stolbenko & Yuta Poi
  • 6 days
  • 3 hours of poi workshops per day
  • 30 min of warmup per day
  • 30 min of stretching/yoga/cooling down per day
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Day-trips and food

You can also book the food and day-trips together with the workshop-only ticket. In this case, the program will be exactly the same as the attendants that book the full retreat, except that the accommodation is not included (also, breakfast will not be included)
– Lunch, dinner and day-trips on 6 days, 300 USD extra (plus one extra dinner on the 1st day)


A Hindu celebration called Nyepi Day falls every year on the Hindu Lunar New Year. The meaning of Nyepi is “to keep silent”. For 2020 it will start from 6am on Wednesday 25th March and finish at 6am on Thursday 26th March.

There will be the normal workshop shedule on Nyepi Day, so in the morning we’ll have the workshops. Because we won’t go out in the afternoon, there will be extra training in the afternoon (optional to attend). For the workshop-only attendants, it’advised not to travel on that day. That’s why we give you the option to skip this day. You can also sleep for 2 nights at the resort, so you don’t have to travel on Nyepi Day.

For more info about Nyepi Day, see the FAQ

How to reserve my ticket?

Fill in the form with all your details on the left. After pressing the “Submit” button, you will be redirected to another page, with a success message. You will receive an automatic confirmation message by email.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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