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About vojta stolbenko

“Long time ago in a city far far away..”

A hyper-active and unstoppable child was born in Prague. Vojta has always loved all kinds of movement. During his childhood, yet unsure about what he was looking for, he’s been taking many different classes, such as martial-arts, yoga and theatre. When he finally saw poi spinning for the first time, he got totally mesmerized. He knew, that poi was what he was looking for the whole time. His life has changed, the passion was found.

“From the gym on the stage”

His talent was first recognized by the group Pyroterra, that he performed with for many years, and partly is cooperating still nowadays. Together, they’ve done hundreds of shows. They even participated the Czech’s Got Talent show, made it twice to the semi-finals with two different projects, and performed in many other TV shows.

During last 5 years, Vojta has performed in India, USA, Angola, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Ireland, GB, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, France and many other countries. Many times he has shown his skills on a number of TV channels.

Sharing his passion for poi

Poi spinning and the flow arts are rapidly growing and evolving. It’s a really exciting, ever expanding journey, into the possibilities of movement, dance, and patterns that we’re all sharing!

Sharing skills, and inspiring each other is the driving force of the flow arts movement.

Vojta shared his techniques by giving many workshops, all over the world. He also organized poi retreats with other famous spinners like Srikanta Barefoot, and Nick Woolsey.

Attending a poi retreat is a great way to improve your skills, connect with other spinners, have an amazing time, visit beautiful places, make new friends, and get inspired!

Incredible views and beautiful circles:

On the road with flow arts: Central America

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Few words to those aspiring to learn how to spin fire
By Vojta

Your spinning journey will probably start when you first see someone spinning. I remember very well when I first saw it. I was completely sure it was something designed for me. I immediately started watching youtube videos daily and these various amazing artists out there gave me enough motivation to keep practicing and follow the dream of being a fire spinner one day,
and perhaps even do it as my living.

So I encourage you, watch the videos that inspire you, imagine it was you spinning it if it makes you feel good, and try to get the feeling of what it must be like. The more enthusiastic you will get the faster you will learn! If you are thinking: “I’ve been practicing for almost a month, and I still suck”! – You don’t. You are only at the beginning of a great journey

Pyrodanza presents: Vojta Stolbenko

Improvised fire poi performance

Reserve first, choose a bedroom first!

Do you want to learn to spin 3 poi??

Triple Poi and Jazz

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